Oranjegloed Primary School Your child; our future in God's hand

Foundation Phase


1. General

2. Subjects

3. Stationery lists


A very high standard is maitained throughout the phase.

We try to keep the classes as small as possible.

Highly qualified educators.

Gr 1 - Gr 3


  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans Second Language
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Computer Literacy

Stationery lists

Stationery list Gr. 1

General information for Grade 1 parents:

  • No parent is permitted to fetch or deliver their child  to the classroom. Please make sure that your child knows exactly where you will be waiting at home time. We will accompany them to the main gate in front of the bus garage in the afternoon for the first 2 weeks.
  • No pupils are allowed to enter or leave school through the front office gate.
  • If you wish to communicate with us please make an appointment at the office.

Please make sure that your child has the following items by the first day of school:

  1. 1 box of tissues
  2. 6 lead pencils HB Steadler please
  3. Good quality pencil sharpener (Barrel please)
  4. 1 Pack of Mon Ami wax twister
  5. 1 Tub of Pritt kids art play dough
  6. 2 white erasers(soft)
  7. 1 Pair of scissors(good quality)
  8. 6x40gram Pritt glue sticks (per Term)
  9. 1x 30cm ruler (see-through)
  10. 30 Bantex filing bags
  11. 2 x 50 page flip files
  12. 2 x 20 page flip files
  13. 1 floor/carpet brush and scoop
  14. 2 bottles of pump hand wash soap
  15. 3 English magazines
  16. Skipping rope and bean bag
  17. 2 x A4 Plastic envelopes for readers and homework
  18. R 200 cash for book covers and a chair bag.(these will last the whole year)
  19. 2 x 2litre ice cream containers (Do not write your child’s name on this, the teacher will).
  20. No pencil cases! We store all our goods in the 2  containers.
  21. All above must be marked , all clothing must be marked.
  22. Please buy a small cooler bag for his /her lunch and juice bottle . Please write your child’s name on the cooler bag.


Stationery list Gr. 2

Dear Grade 2 Parents                                                            2015

This is the complete list of all the stationery your child will need for Term 1.  We will send a list for Term 2, 3 and 4.  Please buy it so your child will come prepared on the first day of school next year.  PLEASE MARK ALL ITEMS WITH YOUR CHILD’s NAME AND SURNAME.

3 x 2H Steadler pencils.  Please  buy Staedler or Faber-Castell pencils as these brands are the best quality.
1 x good quality pencil sharpener on a holder for all the wood chips.
1 x see-though ruler of 30cm
1 x Box of long colouring pencils          
1 x Crayons – preferably twisters (Mon Ami)                   
1 x 10 Bantex filing bags
1 x white eraser/rubber                                       
1 x Paper scissor
2 x Pritt glue sticks                                                       
3 x 20 page “Flip file”
1 PVC carry holder – secretary folder
30  x A4 sheets of coloured cardboard
1 x Floor brush and scoop – VERY IMPORTANT (They may use last year’s)              
1 x Denim chair bag – already bought in Grade 1.  Please ensure that your child gets it from his/her Grade 1 class if you bought one.
1  x Space case / stationery holder – preferable made with fabric.  Not only does it hold more objects as the plastic ones, it doesn’t break easily when it falls.
Clear plastic – keep this at home for the covering of books.
1 x Proper schoolbag in which all their books will fit and not get damaged.
R150,00 for plastic covers and art.  (Send the money a.s.a.p.)
1 x Box of tissues for the runny noses.

Thank you for your co-operation.  It is important that they have all the above mentioned articles.  We look forward to welcome you and your child to Grade 2.


Stationery list Gr. 3


Each child must have his/her own stationery, we want to start work from day 1.

Excessive stationery will be kept by the teacher for the year.

 1 x Space case / pencil bag.  (Preferably made with fabric.  It holds more stationery and it doesn’t break when it falls).

4 x Bic pens – no gel or fineliners (TO BE REPLACED DURING THE YEAR).

8 x HB Steadtler pencils or clutch pencils (2 packets of lead).

1 x 12 Staedtler colouring pencils.

2 x metal sharpener.

6 x  big glue sticks (To be replaced during the year) Pritt

2 x 30cm rulers in cm and mm

1 x Scissor

2 x erasers

1 x coki pens

2 x box of tissues

1 x Flip files (30 bags)

2 x Red pens

1 x ringbinder (not the thickest one)

Mon-ami wax crayons (twisters)

1 x Denim chair bag

20 x A4 coloured papers/cardboard

R40 for plastic bookcovers – we will provide it at school

1 x handwash (bottle of soap)

English and Afrikaans pocket dictionary - Compulsary


*Stationery kept by pupils must be at school every day, please make sure your child has a set of stationery to do their homework at home..

*No tippex. 

*No ready-to-fit plastic covers.

*NO borrowing from friends will be allowed.

*Do not send plastic and cellotape to school – teachers do not cover books for pupils.

*Clothes, shoes, tackies, stationary and school bags need to be marked clearly.

*Each child needs a 2l ice-cream container marked with his/her name-Please put all the stationery in the container.

*Please buy Steadler/Faber Castell.  These are 2 good quality stationery brands.

We look forward welcoming you and your child to Grade 3.