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Disciplinary System

At the beginning of each new term every pupil will be given 10 points which they must strive to keep.

The following offences will result in the loss of points.  When a pupil has no points left he/she will have to sit detention.  You will be informed thereof beforehand.  Parents and teachers must work together to ensure that this system works.

Discipline is essential for learning to take place.  The disciplinary system is the only tool available to us and it must therefore be strictly implemented in order to function successfully Your co-operation is of cardinal importance.

As with any system it is thus impossible to make exceptions to the rule.  Parents will often accept blame for eg. books being left at home but we believe that the pupils must ultimately take responsibility.

Please read through the following list with your child in order to prevent any misunderstandings.


1.       Different offences

          Level 1 Offences

1.1      *Pre occupied eg. playing during lesson

1.2     *Books not covered

1.3     *Use of implements to shoot at any target eg. ‘p’ shooters, elastic bands       etc.

1.4     *Books left at home

1.5     *Homework:  not done, at home, incomplete

1.6     *Eating in class

1.7     *Poor marks in test (below 40%)

1.8     *Tests not signed

1.9     *Disrupting a class

1.10    *Disregarding class rules


          Action for level 1 offences

          Teacher and pupil decides on suitable punishment.

          *Extra tasks in class

          *Additional school work

          *-1 in detention file


          Level 2 Offences

2.1     *Copying, class or homework.

2.2     *Bullying classmates (bumping, pulling hair etc.)

2.3     *Emotional bullying (teasing, etc).

2.4     *Breaking any other school rules not set out above.

2.5     *Use of cell phones in class.

          Phone will be confiscated and kept in the safe for parent to collect at the    end of the day.

2.6     *Not listening to prefects.

2.7     *Late for line-up.

2.8     *Late for class (if a suitable excuse is given no marks will be deducted).

2.9     *Not suitably dressed in full school uniform.

2.10   *Graffiti

2.11    *No cell phones allowed during:  07:30-13:30.

          Apart from the -2 this phone will be confiscated and put in the safe for       a parent to collect.

2.12   *Repeated level 1 offences.

2.13   *Not dressed according to school rules.

2.14   *Breaking any school rule not mentioned above.


          Action for level 2 offences

          Any offence mentioned in level 2 will result in -2.

          Parents will be called in for a discussion with the Head of the    Department.


          Written warning that he/she will not repeat the offence and an entry          made in the child’s portfolio.  A copy of the procedure is kept and sent to    the parent.


       Level 3 offences

3.1     *Fighting (all involved will be treated as guilty) Any hitting will result in a    deduction of -5.

3.2     *Bring the school’s name in disrespect.

3.3     *Vulgar language

3.4     *Poor hygiene eg. Urinating on school grounds or any unhygienic behavior.

3.5     *Damaging school property in toilets.

3.6     *Writing of vulgar letters.

3.7     *Letting down a sport team/group.

3.8     *Repeated level 2 offences.

3.9     *Vandalism.

3.10   *Lies

3.11    *Disregarding staff

3.12   *Gambling

3.13   *Threatening behaviour

3.14   *Damaging of text books

3.15   *Smoking


          Action for level 3 offences

          -4 except for fighting.

          *Community service with permission from MEC of Education.

          *Suspension from all after-school activities (must leave the school      premises immediately after last period).

          *Appear in front of the Disciplinary Committee of the Governing Body and   possible suspension from school.

          *Repetition of any level 2 offences.


          Level 4 offences

4.1     *Arrogance or provoking attitude.

4.2     *Repeated disregard of school rules.

4.3     *Racist sexual or discriminating behavior.

4.4     *Repeated level 3 offences.

4.5     *Threatening behavior with a weapon.

4.6     *Verbal threats towards pupils or staff.

4.7     *Threats which place pupils or staff in danger.

4.8     *Possession of drugs.

4.9     *Possession of weapons.

4.10   *Disrespecting staff.

4.11    *Unacceptable behavior towards staff.

4.12   *Sexual harassment.

4.13   *A moral or unlawful behavior.

4.14   *Intimidating/influencing other pupils.

4.15   *Physical violence on school grounds.

4.16   *Copying during tests.

4.17   *Theft of any kind.

4.18   *Purposeful unhygienic behavior (urinating on people, spitting).

4.19   *Bunking or leaving school grounds

4.20   *Vandalism – Parent will e held responsible.

4.21   *Stealing/hiding detention file.

4.22   *After he/she has sat 3 detention classes.

4.23   *Absent from detention without a valid excuse.

4.24   *Cyber bullying (Facebook, Twitter) eg. Using social media


          Action for level 4 offences


          *Immediate suspension for a period to be determined by the Governing        Body (no longer then 7 days and not before the pupil has appeared before         the disciplinary committee).

          *Repeated of any level 3 offences.

          *Immediate detention, and an entry made into the portfolio.

          *Entry of suspension is made in the child’s portfolio.


          Level 5 offences

          These include criminal offences with the possibility of a criminal record.

5.1     *Life threatening attacks on others.

5.2     *Maltreatment

5.3     *Intentional use of dangerous weapons.

5.4     *A moral behavior/possession of/distribution of pornographic material.

5.5     *Rape

5.6     *Theft

5.7     *Murder

5.8     *Threat made against any person’s life.

5.9     *Theft of any documents/exam papers.

5.10   *Trespassing:  classes, grounds or offices.

5.11    *Repeated disregarding of exam rules and regulations.

5.12   *Vandalizing school property.

5.13   *Racism

5.14   *Any theft eg. breaking and entering, money in class/office etc.

5.15   *Satanism

5.16   *Serious sexual misconduct

5.17   *Miss use of drugs/alcohol

5.18   *After 3 detention classes (Parents will appear in front of Disciplinary        Committee).


          Action for level 5 offences

          Decision depends on the Principal/Governing Body/Provincial Department      of Education and can include the following.

          *Criminal charges.

          *Suspension for up to 4 days while awaiting decision by MEC of Education.


          *Transfer to another school.



1.    Introduction

    Considering that

1.1      the learner is accused of ___________________________________

          (details of the charge/s)

          the parties came to the following agreement.


2.    Consultation


2.1     The Procecutor __________________ (name) is assigned by the SGB to     bargain with the learner and to come to an agreement.


2.2     The prosecutor and the learner represented by ___________________

          (name:  Legal advisor) came to an agreement to a plea of guilty by the           learner and a suitable penalty by the SGB.


2.3     The prosecutor negotiates terms with the SGB and the victim (if the          behavior of the accused caused damage to someone: learner, school or      any other person) and gives them the opportunity to make        recommendations for an agreement.  The parties concerned are satisfied           with the contents of the agreement.


3.    The learner’s rights


          The learner acknowledges that he/she was informed about the following:


3.1.1   That he/she remains not guilty until proved guilty as a result of the    preponderance of propabalities.


3.1.2   That he/she has the right to be silent with no need to testify during the     procedures.


3.1.3   That he/she does not have to incriminate her/himself by testifying.


3.1.4   That he/she was not forced to come to this agreement.


4.    Summary of the important facts

          Summary of the facts:











5.    Plea and formal acknowledgement


5.1     The parties agreed on the following facts.  The learner pleads as follows      and acknowledges the following:


5.2     The learner acknowledges that he/she has read the charges as in the           charge sheet, he/she understands the meaning of the charges, and that          he/she pleads guilty to the following charges:







          and confirms the following:


5.3     The learner acknowledges that he/she freely without force fully aware         and without improper influence came to the agreement.


5.4     The learner also acknowledges that he/she in person knows the following      admission of guilt.


5.5     Facts of the infringements.


5.6     The learner also acknowledges that he/she knew that his/her behavior         was incontravention with the code of conduct and that he/she could be      punished.


6.    Mitigating/extenuating circumstances


6.1     The learner pleaded guilty.


6.2     The learner has no previous convictions.


6.3     Other circumstances which can be taken in consideration.


7.    Aggravating circumstances


7.1     It is a serious misconduct.


7.2     The misconduct was premeditated (If applicable).


7.3     Any othyer circumstances.


8.    Agreement on a fair penalty


8.1     The parties agree on a suitable penalty, and would like the SGB to impose     the penalty.


8.2     The seriousness of the offence, the interest of the school community as      well as the personal circumstances of the learner was taken into account.


8.3     The parties agree that the following shall be a suitable and fair penalty.



Signed at ______________ (place) on this ______ day of __________ 20__



______________________                 ______________________

Signature of learner                         Signature of parent



______________________                       _______________________

Signature of Prosecutor                     Legal advisor/representative







Name of learner:  _________________  Name of prosecutor: _________


Adaress:    ______________________





Delivered by hand.








Herewith notification is given regarding the outcome of the disciplinary hearing


held on __________________ (date) with reference to the charges lodged


against ________________________ (name of learner).



1.       Guilty or not guilty.

2.       Guilty or not guilty.

3.       Guilty or not guilty.

4.       Guilty or not guilty.


Reasons for the verdict:


1.       ______________________________________________________


2.       ______________________________________________________


3.       ______________________________________________________



The penalty for the above misconduct:


1.       ______________________________________________________


2.       ______________________________________________________


3.       ______________________________________________________







1.       ______________________________________________________


2.       ______________________________________________________


3.       ______________________________________________________




______________________________                          _______________

Chairman of the disciplinary committee                         Date




Disciplinary hearing:



I, ___________________________ parent of _____________________


in Gr. ___________ acknowledge receiving the verdict on


the______________ (date)



______________________                              ________________

Signature of learner                                       Signature of parent




Signature of Prosecutor






Name of learner:  _________________ 

dAdress:    ______________________





Delivered by hand.






Please note that you are requested to appear before the Disciplinary Committee on the date/time and place as stated below.  The hearing is in connection with charges laid against you.




You are accused of misbehavior according to the following allegations:


You broke rule number        of the school;s code of conduct on the            (date)


            (place)                      (infringement) (brief account).


Please note:

1.       You have the right to be represented by your parent/s or anybody      appointed by your parent.

2.       If you wish to make use of a legal advisor, you must get permission      according to the process stipulated in the code of conduct of the school.  The cost of the legal advisor shall be for your account.

3.       You will be entitled to question the witnesses of the other party; or to        testify in evidence; or to call your own witness/es; you can also verify the           documentary information of the complainant, or bring your own      documentary evidence.

4.       It is your responsibility to see that your witness/es attend the hearing       and to stay till their presence is no longer needed.

5.       You will be entitled to address the above committee in matters related to    the charges.

6.       The language of the hearing is the language of the school.  If you need an     interpreter you must arrange for such a person.

7.       If you are not present at the set time, date and place or leave before the    hearing comes to a close, the hearing shall continue and be finalized       without you.

8.       It is your responsibility to make sure you know the school rules for     disciplinary hearings.





9.       You must attend disciplinary hearings in your school uniform.


Date of hearing:  _____________


Time of hearing:  _____________


Place of hearing:  _____________




____________________                          _________________

J.H.C. VAN RENSBURG                                         DATE




Disciplinary hearing:



I, ___________________________ parent of _____________________


in Gr. ___________ acknowledge receiving the letter on ______________



______________________                              ________________

Signature of learner                                       Signature of parent