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At our school children are our most important asset. The following values play an important part in our school.

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Obedience
  • Love
  • Good self esteem

Parents are an important part of our school. Parents and teachers form a partnership to provide the best opportunity for each child.

Grade R

My daily programme:

Arrival (from 07h00) – 15-20 min

Day programme starts – 07h30

Health check – 10 min

Morning circle – 10-15 min

Work time – 45-55 min

Small groups – 10-15 min

Tidy up – 10 min

Bathroom – 5 min

Snack time – 10-15 min

Music and movement – 15-20 min

Free play (outside) – 3O min  x 2

Bathroom – 15 min

Story time – 10-15 min

Home – 13h15

My First day in Grade R

  • I must be at school no later than 7h25
  • My day programme starts at 7h30
  • I must not be late!
  • I must not stay at home if I am not sick. I will miss out on a lot of activities!
  • I will wear causal clothes, because I am going to work and play!
  • Mommy and daddy may accompany me to the class every morning
  • They must fetch me at my class at 13h15
  • If I make use of the bus, my teacher will accompany me to the bus
  • Grade R learners must go straight to the Pre-Primary section of the school on the first day in January 2020
  • The teachers will then allocate them into their classes
  • You and your child can then meet the teacher
  • After this, please leave your child in the capable hands of the teacher

What must I bring to school?

  • A school bag (big enough for my shoes and jacket) o A lunchbox: healthy food please!
  • An extra set of clothes and underwear (marked please) – this is very important
  • Plastic cup and facecloth (marked please)