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Disciplinary System

1.1      *Pre occupied eg. playing during lesson

1.2     *Books not covered

1.3     *Use of implements to shoot at any target eg. ‘p’ shooters, elastic bands       etc.

1.4     *Books left at home

1.5     *Homework:  not done, at home, incomplete

1.6     *Eating in class

1.7     *Poor marks in test (below 40%)

1.8     *Tests not signed

1.9     *Disrupting a class

1.10    *Disregarding class rules

Teacher and pupil decides on suitable punishment.

  • Extra tasks in class
  • Additional school work
  • -1 in detention file

2.1     *Copying, class or homework.

2.2     *Bullying classmates (bumping, pulling hair etc.)

2.3     *Emotional bullying (teasing, etc).

2.4     *Breaking any other school rules not set out above.

2.5     *Use of cell phones in class.

          Phone will be confiscated and kept in the safe for parent to collect at the    end of the day.

2.6     *Not listening to prefects.

2.7     *Late for line-up.

2.8     *Late for class (if a suitable excuse is given no marks will be deducted).

2.9     *Not suitably dressed in full school uniform.

2.10   *Graffiti

2.11    *No cell phones allowed during:  07:30-13:30.

          Apart from the -2 this phone will be confiscated and put in the safe for       a parent to collect.

2.12   *Repeated level 1 offences.

2.13   *Not dressed according to school rules.

2.14   *Breaking any school rule not mentioned above.

  • Any offence mentioned in level 2 will result in -2 in detention file.
  • Parents will be called in for a discussion with the Head of the Department.
  • Written warning that he/she will not repeat the offence and an entry made in the child’s portfolio.  A copy of the procedure is kept and sent to the parent.

3.1     *Fighting (all involved will be treated as guilty) Any hitting will result in a    deduction of -5.

3.2     *Bring the school’s name in disrespect.

3.3     *Vulgar language

3.4     *Poor hygiene eg. Urinating on school grounds or any unhygienic behavior.

3.5     *Damaging school property in toilets.

3.6     *Writing of vulgar letters.

3.7     *Letting down a sport team/group.

3.8     *Repeated level 2 offences.

3.9     *Vandalism.

3.10   *Lies

3.11    *Disregarding staff

3.12   *Gambling

3.13   *Threatening behaviour

3.14   *Damaging of text books

3.15   *Smoking

  • -4 in detention file except for fighting.
  • Community service with permission from MEC of Education.
  • Suspension from all after-school activities (must leave the school      premises immediately after last period).
  • Appear in front of the Disciplinary Committee of the Governing Body and   possible suspension from school.
  • Repetition of any level 2 offences.

4.1     *Arrogance or provoking attitude.

4.2     *Repeated disregard of school rules.

4.3     *Racist sexual or discriminating behavior.

4.4     *Repeated level 3 offences.

4.5     *Threatening behavior with a weapon.

4.6     *Verbal threats towards pupils or staff.

4.7     *Threats which place pupils or staff in danger.

4.8     *Possession of drugs.

4.9     *Possession of weapons.

4.10   *Disrespecting staff.

4.11    *Unacceptable behavior towards staff.

4.12   *Sexual harassment.

4.13   *A moral or unlawful behavior.

4.14   *Intimidating/influencing other pupils.

4.15   *Physical violence on school grounds.

4.16   *Copying during tests.

4.17   *Theft of any kind.

4.18   *Purposeful unhygienic behavior (urinating on people, spitting).

4.19   *Bunking or leaving school grounds

4.20   *Vandalism – Parent will e held responsible.

4.21   *Stealing/hiding detention file.

4.22   *After he/she has sat 3 detention classes.

4.23   *Absent from detention without a valid excuse.

4.24   *Cyber bullying (Facebook, Twitter) eg. Using social media

  • -5 in detention file
  • *Immediate suspension for a period to be determined by the Governing Body (no longer then 7 days and not before the pupil has appeared before the disciplinary committee).
  • *Repeated of any level 3 offences.
  • *Immediate detention, and an entry made into the portfolio.
  • *Entry of suspension is made in the child’s portfolio.

These include criminal offences with the possibility of a criminal record.

5.1     *Life threatening attacks on others.

5.2     *Maltreatment

5.3     *Intentional use of dangerous weapons.

5.4     *A moral behavior/possession of/distribution of pornographic material.

5.5     *Rape

5.6     *Theft

5.7     *Murder

5.8     *Threat made against any person’s life.

5.9     *Theft of any documents/exam papers.

5.10   *Trespassing:  classes, grounds or offices.

5.11    *Repeated disregarding of exam rules and regulations.

5.12   *Vandalizing school property.

5.13   *Racism

5.14   *Any theft eg. breaking and entering, money in class/office etc.

5.15   *Satanism

5.16   *Serious sexual misconduct

5.17   *Miss use of drugs/alcohol

5.18   *After 3 detention classes (Parents will appear in front of Disciplinary Committee).

Decision depends on the Principal/Governing Body/Provincial Department      of Education and can include the following.

  • *Criminal charges.
  • *Suspension for up to 4 days while awaiting decision by MEC of Education.
  • *Expulsion
  • *Transfer to another school.