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Uniform & General Rules


1.       I am proud of my school and as a proud young lady of Laerskool Oranjegloed  Primary, I will strive to:

1.1      Be neat and tidy at all times,

1.2     have clean, unpolished nails no longer than my fingertips,

1.3     not wear make up, colour or highlight my hair,

1.4     make sure my hair is always neat and tidy.  Tie my hair up if it is too long and not clip my fringe back next to my eyes,

1.5     the school maintains the right to discuss any unacceptable hair styles with the relevant pupil and parents.  Please use your discretion in this regard.  Make sure your daughter’s hair is neat at all times,

1.6     not to use “gel” in hair that is too long.  Only “gel” my hair when it is short,

1.7     only use white, teal or yellow hair accessories.  One colour only, not all at the same time,

1.8     wear only a signet ring,

1.9     wear only one set of studs or small gold sleepers in my ears,

1.10    wear my dress at a respectable length i.e. When kneeling my dress will be no more than 15 cm above my knees,

1.11     be respectably dressed at all times.  On casual days I may not wear shorts that are too short or any mid rif T shirts with open tummies.  On cold days I will not wrap a blanket around my waist.



I am proud of my school and as a proud young man of Laerskool Oranjegloed

Primary, I will always strive to:

2.1     Keep my hair short, not touching my collar and trimmed above my eyebrows,

2.2     save braids and “dred locks” for when I have left school and never colour or highlight my hair,

2.3     not wear jewelry.


Boys & Girls

3.       As boys and girls of Laerskool Oranjegloed Primary we will only:

3.1     Wear jewelry (medic-alert bracelets) if so prescribed by a doctor.  I also give any           staff member of my school the right to confiscate and store for safe keeping any form of jewelry which I may wear.  Only one motivational arm band may be worn.

4.       We are proud of our school uniform and therefore undertake to:

4.1     Wear it with pride,

4.2     wear only the prescribed uniform at all times, e.g. jerseys, jackets, trousers and    socks,

4.3     be in full formal uniform for assembly on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays e.g.       wear shoes and no tracksuits,

4.4     wear a white shirt/or the school  T shirt with a tracksuit.  Mainly white trainers and no secret socks may be worn.   I must wear white socks,

4.5     wear only the school blazer or jersey.

4.6     mark all our clothing, shoes and other belongings clearly and look after it,

4.7     change into sports clothing after school and leave our school bags in the coach’s classroom.


General Rules

5. As learners of Laerskool Oranjegloed Primary we strive to respect the property     of others and the property of our school.  Therefore I will:

5.1     Not damage school property e.g. textbooks, apparatus, media books and scripts.  If           necessary my parents will be responsible for costs involved in the repair of damages.  Graffiti on school property is strictly prohibited,

5.2     not vandalise plants, trees or gardens on the way to and from school. I realize  that a criminal charge can be brought against me if I damage property.

6.       It is also important for me as a learner to:

6.1     Be at school on time (7:25) for school each day and not to use the front office       entrance,

6.2     get off my bicycle at the gate as I may hurt somebody if I ride on the school


6.3     Lock our bicycles in the bicycle shed.

7.       To maintain order and discipline at my school:

7.1     we shall place our school bags in a line on the assembly block and proceed straight to   the designated playground before school,

7.2     immediately walk to the line up point as soon as the first bell rings before school   each day,

7.3     be in line when the 2nd bell rings.  There will be two lines i.e. boys and girls.  The class leaders will be in front of each line and the deputy leaders at the back,

7.4     we will proceed to our classes in one line on the teacher’s command,

7.5     when the bell rings before break we will proceed directly to the class

that we will be going to after break.  We will leave our school bags in this classroom and proceed to the playground,

7.6     we may not play on the corridors or staircases during break.  When the bell rings   after break we must proceed directly to our next class.

8.       We must create a learning environment at our school and always be aware of the fact that disciplined pupils will project a good image outside.  Therefore:

8.1     We will be considerate towards our fellow pupils by not disrupting classes and depriving them of their fundamental right to learn.  We will not wonder around without permission or without the teacher’s name tag.

8.2     when the bell rings at the end of a period, we will wait for the teachers command before we pack up and leave the class.  The girls with the girls’ class leader will be in  front and the boys’ leader at the back,

8.3     we will walk silently in one line, on the left hand side of the corridor, school bags in the right hand to our next class.  We will not take longer than 3 minutes to get to the next class. (When I am late, I will lose a minimum of 2 points on my record),

8.4     when we arrive at the next class we will do so in two lines, girls against the wall and boys on the other side.  We will wait for the teacher to let us into the class. We   shall do so quietly and stand, behind our chairs until we are told to be seated.

9.       We will also:

9.1     Make sure that our cell phones are switched off and in our school bags.  We realize that cell phones are not permitted from 07:30-13:00 and that violation of this rule will lead to -2 on my record, as well as confiscation thereof. One of my parents will  have to collect the phone from the office,

9.2     not hold teachers responsible for lost cell phones,

9.3     not bring pets, toys or any dangerous objects like knives, cricket bats and balls to school,

9.4     not barter at school,

9.5     not buy or sell anything from or to fellow pupils or strangers at school,

9.6     not throw any objects e.g. stones around on the playground or in class,

9.7     not play dangerous games at school and not go to the tuck shop without permission or at any time other than breaks.  I know I will lose 2 marks immediately if I should do this,

9.8     not behave badly at any time or use foul language.  This includes sexual harassment           which is viewed as serious misconduct at our school,

9.9     not go anywhere near the hall, general assistants quarters, parking area or multi-

purpose centre.  The office block is off-limits too, unless with good reason.

10      At the end of the school day we will:

10.1    End our day with a prayer,

10.2   leave our classroom neat and tidy,

10.3   sweep and pick up papers in our classroom,

10.4   allow all scholar patrol members to leave the classroom 10 minutes before the final bell in order to reach their duty points on time.  School prefects on duty, as well as bus leaders leave the class at 5 minutes to one,

10.5   cyclists will collect bicycles, push them to the gate and cross the road at the

designated point,

10.6   pupils using the school bus must walk to the bus shed and wait for the bus prefect  to allow them onto the bus.  The bus will leave exactly 5 minutes after the final bell.  The school will not be responsible for pupils who miss the bus.

11.      Pupils who walk home:

11.1     Will cross roads at the scholar patrol points only,

11.2    Will walk in groups on the sidewalk.

12.     If my parents fetch me from school:

12.1    I will not wait for them in the foyer,

12.2   I will go pass the tuckshop and leave the school grounds at the small gate near the bus shed,

12.3   I will ask my parents not to park on the opposite side of the road as I will then have to cross on my own and any accident resulting from this will be their responsibility,

12.4   ask my parents not to park in front of any motor gate as staff and school vehicles must leave through this gate.

13.     A neat school attracts attention, therefore I will:

13.1    Make sure that my school grounds are always tidy,

13.2   look after the plants and gardens in the school grounds,

13.3   make sure that the classroom, toilets and other buildings are always neat and tidy,

13.4   pick up any papers on the school grounds and make use of the dustbins,

13.5   remember that my parents will be held responsible for any costs involved in repairing damage property.  This applies to all school property e.g. books, textbooks and media books.

14.     Self discipline and pride are essential ingredients for success therefore my teachers and parents can expect the following from me:

14.1    I will always do my homework,

14.2   be well prepared for tests and exams,

14.3   to work hard in class and carry out all instructions to the best of my ability,

14.4   have all my test/exams signed by my parents,

14.5   to respect my friends and staff members,

14.6   never to leave the school grounds without permission,

14.7   To behave in a way that does not embarrass my family or school,

14.8   never to bunk as I realize what the consequences can be,

14.9   not to pretend I am ill in order to miss a test/exam.  If I am off school/ill I will supply a note from my doctor.

If I adhere to the rules as set out above, I will create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for all to work and learn in perfect harmony.